ONLINE | 5G: What Is It and Why Is It a Game Changer?

Mon, Sep 7, 6:30 PM (CDT)

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5G will not only affirm the critical role of mobility in our connected world but also expand it, laying the groundwork for a fourth industrial revolution. "This revolution will be powered by technologies like virtual reality, augmented reality, the Internet of Things, automation, advanced robotics and drones, among many others with the potential to remake virtually every facet of our society," notes Top Nonprofits (March 22, 2019).

Current networks cannot always meet consumer demands for data. "During periods of heavy use, consumers may experience slow speeds, unstable connections, delays, or loss of service. The effects can range from annoyances like a streaming movie freezing to life-threatening transmission delays between first responders in an emergency."

For instance, "in the health care sector, 5G could enable services such as remote patient monitoring, consultation, and even remote surgery. In transportation, 5G will be the backbone that autonomous vehicles rely on. A 2017 study from Deloitte estimated, 'self-driving cars enabled by wireless connectivity could reduce emissions by 40-90%, travel times by nearly 40% and delays by 20%.'” 

"The Importance of 5G from the Senate RPC," June 27, 2019.

John Bratcher is Government Account Manager at T-Mobile. He is a strong believer that information is power. "I work on a daily to show businesses and nonprofits how to utilize telecommunication solutions to decrease their operating cost and increase efficiency." Please join us for the timely discussion about 5G!

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Monday, Sep 7
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